My Story

rogerWood sculpture begins as a question, a sensory interaction to discover what lies within. The raw material conveys a desire to be shaped and I seldom know where a piece of wood will lead. Most of my wood stock is milled from downed trees. Each one has its unique character and the sculpture that unfolds must reflect and honor it. Whether formal or whimsical, functional or decorative, all my pieces invite a personal encounter with the wood.

Working with wood is in my blood. My great-grandfather published The Lumberman’s Actuary and my grandfather and father were¬† in the lumber milling business. In 1975 I received a BFA in wood sculpture from Eastern Michigan University and shortly thereafter moved to Indianapolis. For the ensuing 30 years I owned and managed a screen printing company, Serigraphics, and sculpted in my free time. Home is now in Edgecomb, Maine, and most days are spent happily creating in the studio.

Secret locks have intrigued me all my life. Many of my reliquaries incorporate hidden mechanisms which enhance the interaction with the piece. After the process of creation, I love to display a sculpted box and say, “open it.”